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Monday, November 14, 2011

My problems

How to solve my own problems when i know i am having problems?

Sometimes, is emotional problems.... now i know is hard to control feelings....

Now i know is hard to not to think....

Now i know i am so freaking sensitive with things....

How to change myself? How? How? How?

Let's forget that and solve the major one first....

I am vomiting too frequently... i am sick every now and then and feeling so weak..

something is definately not right somewhere....

i should consult doctor shouldn't i???

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

mentally and physically ill

Things have never been right.... Everything have it's good and bad side....
Everything have a positive and negative view....

Not in the good situation right now.... To say it is my fault, probably...
To not say is my fault, probably...

Sometimes, you never know what's the actual problem...
Sometimes, there's no actual solution to it after all....

Time passes, proves things right....
Time passes, proves things wrong....

I'm not rather in a right situation to argue at all....
I forgotten my purse this morning...
Forgotten the notes which i wanted to ask my groupmate...
Couldn't think at all for the solution for assignment...
totally giving up english proposal for tomorrow...
eaten and throw up.... totally sick mentally and physically till i have no energy for any arguments ...

maybe after all, it was my fault, but then, maybe not.... instead of thinking...
i guess i just have to let it go...
relax, why stress up yourself so much~~~ that's what he said...
yeah, exactly.... that's me... i stressed up myself so much and i dont even know why...

i have serious hair drop and i'm freaking out already...
i wish i have a place to hide.... i'm afraid of my hair drop issue...
i guess the more i am afraid, the worst it gets right?

what can make me relax.... what can make me cure myself...
from all kinds of problems? maybe i should think of this~

Wednesday, November 2, 2011









Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thinking too Much or is the Truth?

You know.... sometimes is not about not trusting... is about what you have done to not let people trust you.... Trust build with time, and breaks in seconds~

I always wanted to have trust in you but the fact that you're doing things secretly makes trust gone.... Most of the time you would rather do it without the knowledge of mine.

Well, i sometimes, have no trust in myself. I dont know can i trust my own trust afterall~~~~ Look, this may be either thinking too much or even is the truth...

Let time prove this to me... I hope i have the time...


You changed, my dear~

You've changed without knowing~

Friday, August 26, 2011

Is a brand new Day

My lovely dear dear had told me what happen and the gloomy days have ended!
I . Love . You .

I online this morning and i found i'm tagged in some awesome photo!
Damn! I look good okay~~~

Honestly, i did put on mascara lah....
But did't put on thick make up like LingLing, Kelly and Phui Theng....
Reason is because-- i doesn't know how to make up...LOLzzz

Let me show you my awesomeness that night

This is Phui Theng and I
Sweet isn't it.... She's still single and available btw. LOLzz

This is YeeLing and I
We share a large Pepperoni Pizza that night

This is LingLing and I
She's good in dressing up and put on make up...
Look, she's good right? She's tall plus her heels...
Makes me look like a small child beside the big mother... Lolsss

This is KarYen and I
She's like a everyday working lady...
She's sooo RAJIN... and Pretty... with great patient...

This is Kelly and I
SOmething wrong with the focusing i guess...
SHe's wonderful! can study can play can drink!

Last bu not Least,
The girls that i did't took photo with..
Mei Foong n Sunny!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm guilty for the wrong thing

I used to think... I shall blog what's happy... what shall be kept as memories but unfortunately, i come to this blog whenever i'm in trouble, i'm emotional, i'm unhappy and there's no one suitable to listen to what i would like to say.

Make this simple, i made him unhappy and i dont fucking know the exact reason. I would have to start this story all from the start,where it starts with an end that i have towards my examination.

I finish my paper "happily"... Like, yeah right... I'm not even happy because i knew i screw the paper... Went for lunch with wan yin and her classmate in jusco and do some window shopping and off i'm home.

I decided not to take a nap because i know if i did, i would screw up with the nap and unable to attend the very last dinner of Fabulour Four. I went online, had some fun with games and off i go...

We were like waiting for almost an hour in TARC hostel to make sure everyone arrives and off we go to Desa Sri Hartamas for dinner. It was at Souled Out. We ordered and had our dinner and celebrated Woon Kin's birthday there.

After dinner, they decided to go to Kepong for a drink. In a pub. Overtime. I went with them and i came home late. My bf drove me home.

I knew he was unhappy and i seriously dont know what i did... for all the reason he said no to.... what are the rest that it could possibly be?

The last time it happened like this was because i refuses to tell what's wrong with me.... I kept it all... I keep everything or rather really everything is because i doesn't want any arguement going all around... Since i'm such a forgetful person... I might just forget it the next day and lifes goes on...

But it doesn't apply to it when someone keeps repeating it. I felt his anger towards me since yesterday till this very moment not knowing the exact reason... He said i doesn't even know the reason and would never change... Could that be hint telling me that is the same reason for all i have kept something from him and not telling him what i felt?

Could what i have posted in his facebook status was a fault?
Or the reason is that i've been quite all day long?

He said nothing related to a 3rd party and that's all i can think of... or rather, i would think is a fault... Or have i done something that i dont even know is a fault? The dumbness in me? or the attitude i have toward's life that is wrong?

Now, this is an unknown that i will never know unless i really do something to find out... Emotional isn't it... I felt like crying but i keep them back... I should have no reason to cry... I just gotta be strong and face the problem... I must do something about it... Sighs, but for me... I sure cry when i start speaking the very first word... or after awhile after i start talking... something born in me makes me express my emotion through tears...

Finish Final Examination Madness and Sadnss

Let me have the photo do the talking while i bring you through my feeling.

Souled Out. Is the place we went.
15 of us from Fabulous Four.
Name: Kelly, Wai Hoong, Peter, Phui Theng, Ling Ling, Seng Seng,
Woon Kin, Mei Foong, SUnny, YeeLing, Ziyi, Wei Long, Darren, Kar Yen and I.

The person who suggested this place. Honorable Mei Foong.
and the bestie right beside her. Sunny Yap.

The Food that we ordered. Not all of it is here of course. Everyone commented it is nice. I find mine good but the salmon pizza ain't my type.

and... i couldn't continue the story anymore.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

An injection on my pretty butt

Yeah! i got allergy till the extend that i need injection on my butt... you should get how serious i got.... and one side of my butt feels so numb and is gonna swallon soon since is my first time having injection other than while i was a baby girl~~~~

drowsy.... the injection + all my medicine have this effect... and right now i'm about to faint.... oh my god.... what is this man... i have to take an injection, all the medicine till it finish.... go on vegetarian till i recover or at last a week... and go back to the doctor if i did't recover after all these and i'll get a letter! a letter to admit into the hospital for specialist.... oh my oh my... nothing sounds more serious than the letter... the doctor is freaking me out!!!!

I guess this week i will not have the mood to study.... sorry if i ask you guys about what's happening in class next week when i am more conscious.... right now... i have to take medicine 3 times a day which makes me drowsy... sorry if i ignore you when i am blur or sleep all the day unable to fight with the medicine... but i'll put a smile on my face whenever i remembers... cheers!

and birthday celebration can forget about it... because i cant even eat egg which means i cant even eat cake! got it? thanks to everyone who have a heart at least to give me a cake or a celebration... sorry but i'm a vegetarian till i recover... T.T

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exam finish =)

I'm glad that my exam finishes.... since i'm so free.... i went and think back what i have really done for my exam...LOL!

i did 5 main + 1 resit.

Business Law
-first paper.
-i memorise like shit and till this moment, i still remember that shit in my brain. especially law of tort. Donoghue v Stevenson =S
-i am sure i can pass this paper. confidently. A or B then tak tau lah...

Management Accounting
-second paper.
-i did all passyear calculation and i bet all my friends did too. theory part memorise some and jump some.
-calculation was hard indeeed.
-theory was crazy.
-i guess i can either get a B or C with a pass GUA~

Information Technology & System
-3rd paper.
-my resit paper.
-dont ask me why i resit but i just do.
-i study like mad and it wans't hard.
-full confident to get a pass =)

Financial Accounting Framework
-4th paper.
-worst paper.
-worry cant pass paper.
-i dont wanna resit this paper.
-because i hell of a shit hard!
- i know nothing but i crapped alot. wishing for a pass.

Financial Management
-last 2nd subject.
-is a scoring subject.
-but i fall sick. did't study much and gave away 2 calculation question marks.hoping the rest still correct.
-get a B back bah~~~~ please~

Business Economics
-last paper.
-did it today. this morning.
-had confident with this paper.
-i think i can get an A back~
-so i am so so so happy =)

phew~~~ done. finally. finally. others. let the examniner to decide what result to give me...=)

is about time for CNY =) i going bali too =) and making cookies too =) anyone want de... tell me oh... keep some for u bah =) if i really got make lar~

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Broga 的我下次有心再慢慢写吧。。。


说,汤圆汤圆。。。 吃了,一家团团圆圆的。。。



啊。。。。 够够力。。。

好了。。。 不想了。。。

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm sorry. But you are way too annoying.

What should i do when a guy keep asking me questions like:

What do you think about being single?
Do you like being single?

What should i do or react to when a guy says this:

I dont wanna be single.
I dislike single life.

Okay, i damn lazy wanna reply him but i'll post it here. for any of these question, i will not reply okay. I think single is cool. I got the freedom i want. I got love from family and friends. Yeah, having someone special is good. But, being single ain't that bad afterall wad. I have my time for my own. I can wait for the person i want to. I can go round the world fulfilling my dream. I can explore the world with my friends without worrying if my partner allows or not. So? is single bad? No~

Do i like being single. Maybe not really. I dislike people who keep coming after me despite the fact i have rejected. If and only if i got a bf. I can just proudly tell them off by saying "stop disturbing me because i've got someone special." right? Oh well.... but i never dislike single life. live as it is lar~~~

And if u so desperately want a girl. go get a bitch. go flirt around with them. Stop disturbing me. i wont give any good respond besides being MEAN all the time. sighs! okie.

I'm gonna say sorry. for ignoring you from today onwards.
you forced me to.

Wish you were here. I dislike nightmare

OKay, first... I want to say that i dont know it is a nightmare or it really happen... Is just too complicated that i cant differentiate which is real and which is nightmare. I dont think i wanna blog it out because i wanna forget it if i can... I dont wanna see back such thing when i read back my own blog... I said it was complicated because it is something like you feel you knocked ur head and you woke up having a bruised head. get it?

Okay, enough information about the dream. I wish someone can be here for me. The someone who can makes me feel safe when i sleep. Ah!!!! Why are you so far away~~~ Now, i choose not to sleep rather than continue sleeping. Reason: i choose to force myself wake up from the horrible dream/ or not a dream i had exprienced. I dont wanna experience it anymore.

I woke up not knowing what to do but tears. waking up in tears isn't good. I wipe them off. thinking who can i find. Duh, i find those "night-cat" of my friends. Knowing they might not be sleeping or will bother replying me in the middle of the night.

My friend told me that i think too much~
My friend told me that i am just too stress~
My friend told me it might be something i fear of~
My friend told me it might be something i have to follow~

So many possibilities. And yet, who knows it might not be a simple dream?
Yeah, or it may just be a simple dream that i complicates it myself and scare myself more.... but who knows what i felt. it was OVER the limit. uncontrollable.

OK. STOP this thingy. STOP being afraid. Listens to music. Relax. Later after feeling better go back to sleep. No matter what it is.... It will be fine.

I love all of you.
I miss you.

Friday, December 17, 2010

This Week.


What so special about monday? besides get bullied by my friends during lunch time~
Oh, i went out for dinner with Mun Yee~ ^^


This is definately one memorable day. We went for FM class, then after class we straight drive to titiwangsa to take monorial. In the monorial, i meet Yi Sheng! LOLz.... I always meet him de, compare to other csg4 members.. I mean as in accidentally... =)

We then finally reach Sg. Wang and started our so called "window shopping" till we decided to walk over to Pavillion for snowflake! We shared the snowflake and chit chatted all along... Oh wait,i remember laughing like an idiot because of lots of things! Really had fun laughing at that moment~

Before we the snowflake, we found out that nearby has a "pretty cool" walkway to the toilet. We pose and pose and took tons of photo at that moment! Making life extremely fun doing such thing at an unknown place ^^

Then we walked to the main entrance of Pavillion and start taking photo while waiting for Phui Theng, Wei Long and Wee Fong~ Then we all waited for ZiYi and XiaoFang then left for Jogoya!

Well, do i still need to mention since we went Jogoya? Of course we eat hell alot of food which i sometimes not sure what i'm eating actually. Besides that, they have my favourite haagen daaz ice-cream!! Well, it was all worth the time and money spent on that day~ Oh, did i mention that we ladies get half price? hehehheehe~

After Jogoya, we walk around Starhill and took some photos then left to Sg.Wang... We went and visited "DOMO" and then lepak in Old Town? or was it other shop? Okay~ i couldn't remember~ oh, i was a little blur that time.

After that only go home~~ so i reached home kinda late.

For photos/pictures taken.




Let me think think xia.. what i did on Wednesday ah? Oh oh~~~ I went to college as usual... went for lunch kinda late.... then came back took a nap then went for Pasar Malam in Cheras! Oh, that was a memorable and lovely memory~

Oh, i went there with MunYee and WeiQuan~ and meet lots of people in Pasar malam!


Since my class is until 6.30pm but ended early... the only thing memorable is to eat dinner with classmate! and then had a pre-confirmed place for christmas party is My KL, metroview house? Hahahahaha... i dont even know where will i be yet.... Oh well, let it be ^^

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got a lecture.

Someone scolded me because i updated facebook status too often. OKie, maybe is not a scolding but a friendly advice afterall. I dont know isit really that bad or just hate looking at my updates. HAHAHAHAH

but afterall, i guess i should stop spamming my facebook wall. Hahahaha.. Bad Habit. I shall changed my focused. I've got something better to do right now~!

Aye Aye. I need to do something really important in my life. So, facebook. Sayorana lah. ^^ Friend, taking ur advice. Not spamming my wall anymore.